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Thu, 29 Aug 1996 21:44:57 GMT

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>> > |> > Why is it a lie? >
>> |> It is a lie when it is commercialized. Even reimbursement of expenses is
>> |> problematic to some elders.
>> That is one area where I wouldn't expect convergance with traditional
>> views.

>But don't you see this is the essence?

> To most americans, that doesn't make sense.

>Exactly my point.

FWIIW, your point makes sense to me. I can understand, and I hope
appriciate, why they would not want any reimbursement. It surprises
me, because that is the kind of morality that most people only pay lip
service to. This is not the kind of thing that is easy to put into
words, but I suspect they would say something like the following:
"I don't want money for this, I am only honoring the Spirit".

Matt Silberstein

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