Re: Brain size, IQ

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28 Aug 1996 15:41:38 -0600

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Len Piotrowski <> wrote:
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>>>The controversy is over the simple notion that brain size was heritable and
>>>not something else of which head size (and thus brain size) was an effect.
>>Um, so you believe that Australopithicine brains and Homo sapiens brains
>>would be the same if subjected to the same set of environemntal effects?
>How ever did you derive from what I said that conclusion???

Because you said that heritability may not have explained the
evolutionary increase in homonid cranial capacity.

>>I don't recall the cubic centimeters, but do seem to recall some
>>substantial growth in cranial capacity since H. erectus.
>Not since H. erectus, as far as I am aware, unless you are including H.
>erectus in the statistic. Do you have some data that shows this trend?

Gotchya. I misread you as meaning to include erectus.