Re: Helen Fisher?

Christopher Kaplonski (
27 Aug 1996 21:18:57 -0400 (Darwanna) writes:

>Does anyone happen to know which university Helen Fisher is at now? I
>know that she was at Rutgers-New Brunswick a few years ago, but she is no
>longer listed as being on the anthropology faculty. I am trying to track
>her down in order to discuss her work and a graduate program that might
>have professors with my evolutionary interests.



Actually, Helen Fisher is still at Rutgers-New Brunswick. Or at least there
is still a mailbox with her name on it (and the last few times she has been
in the news, its been with Rutgers as her affiliation).
But she is not on the faculty per se. She is a Visiting Research Associate,
rather than a full-time faculty member.
The Dept's address is: Dept. of Anthropology, Douglass Campus, Rutgers
University, New Brunswick, NJ 08903. Or you could call (908-932-9886) and see
if the secretary has another address for her.