Re: Creationism in New Mexico

Stephen Barnard (
Tue, 27 Aug 1996 02:49:37 -0800

Bryant wrote:
> I posted earlier that creationism was mandated in New Mexico's recently
> revised State Board of Education guidelines to public schools.
> This is *incorrect*.
> According to journalist Deborah Baker (with the Associated Press), the board's
> guidelines "leave open" to teachers what theories of life's origins to teach
> to their students, but does not mandate (or even explicitely mention)
> Creationism per se.
> The guidelines omit the old requirement that evolutionary theory be
> introduced to students, however, so teachers who do not feel comfortable with
> evolution are free to skip it in their presentation of biology to students.
> I object to this editorial licensing of teachers. They should teach the
> state of the science, not push their personal ideologies, in the science
> classroom.

Teaching biology without referring to evolution is like teaching physics
without referring to atoms.

Steve Barnard