Re: Creationists win the schools in New Mexico

Christopher C. Wood (
27 Aug 1996 00:24:18 GMT

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|> 'Sad to announce that the New Mexico state gov has decided to
|> exclude the teaching of evolutionary theory in state schools, in
|> favor of creationist curricula.

It was an 8 to 5 vote of the New Mexico State Board of Education,
which rejected a move to specify the teaching of evolution in the
guidelines it sets for the state's public schools, in meetings on
August 20 and 21, 1996. Says the Sante Fe New Mexican.

So this does not directly call for the teaching of creationism, it
simply removes "evolution" from the concepts that are to be covered in
biology courses in New Mexico. At least, that's the way I read the

Some newspapers say "scientists are appalled, common folks don't want
their children taught evolution." The same paper, in the opinion
section, basically says "evolution is a fact; get over it", while
conceding "it's just a theory". At least the editors recognize that
creationism isn't even that.

|> I thought the supreme court had dealt with this horse shit.

The Board of Ed. is opening the door; I am sure it won't be long
before someone steps through. That's when the money wasting begins...

|> I find it very disturbing that "politically/religiously correct"
|> biology will now be taught in my state in place of the science of
|> biology.

So do I. Even though I'm in a different state. Remember this when
the Gubenatorial elections come up, as at least one Board of
Ed. member was recently appointed by the governor.

|> Is biblical Algebra next?!
|> Bryant

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men...


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