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> I live in a small mining town in Pennsylvania.
> For the past hundred years, "the best and the brightest"
> of each high school graduating class ( some 30-40% )
> have left home to seek their fortunes "in the city".
> This has happened generation after generation.
> What is the probability that the remaining gene pool
> will create a future town population of ( I don't know
> how to put this delicatly ) "idiots"!!
> Have any such studies been done??
> Any conclusions?
> B.

The first thing that occurs to me is that the school system/migration is
not necessarily a selective agent with regards to intelligence. While the
best students tend to leave, do the most intelligent leave? Are genetics
that much a determinant of intelligence. If so, are those genes still
resident in the remaining population. Are these "smart kids" just excess
population? As you say, for 100 years residents have been producing kids
with wanderlust. Are these numbers decreasing?

Identify the real source of intelligence and we'll talk. First look at a
less plastic trait....say, a simple physical trait...e.g., redhair, blue

Also, consider the observer. My guess is that most academics consider
themselves more intelligent than the typical miner (I admit this may be an
unfair statement).

> I'm not sure if this is the group for this topic, but here goes;

Perhaps this is an excellent methodology question. Try posting to a
biology/evolution ng and see how their responses differ.

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