Re: Brain size, IQ

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26 Aug 1996 15:57:10 -0600

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Matt Fraser <> wrote:

>Hi Bryant,
>Surely, one must consider total body size when even beginning to think
>about brain size and intelligence. A larger individual of the same
>species is likely to have a larger brain simply due to scaling, and total
>brain weight/size isn't where the action is for intelligence.

Well, I know that Rushton controls for body size in his analyses for this
reason (good point, by the way).

>Many areas
>of the brain are relegated to non-thought processes, including many areas
>of the cortex. Until the entire brain is mapped out, and cof\gnitive
>function is ascribed to certain regions that then may be compared, the
>rest is largely fluff (IMO).

Yeah, it's a baby field, alright. But I've been impressed that even
though this is the case, some gross anatomical trends seem to exist.
Unusual hemispheric asymmetry (measured w/ MRI), for instance,
corresponds significantly with developmental instability.