Apocalyptic Desire and Scientific Prognosis

Ian Tresman (ianTresman@easynet.co.uk)
Sun, 25 Aug 1996 11:57:42 GMT

..in the new issue of Chronology and Catastrophism Review:
Proceedings of The 1995 Braziers College Conference
1995 Special Issue (Volume XVII). ISSN 0953 0053
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Eric Aitchison: Evidence for a Neat Year of 365 Days

John E. Dayton: Ice Cores and Chronology

Gunnar Heinsohn: Imaginary and Expected Catastrophes - Apocalyptic
Desire and Scientific Prognosis

Benny Josef Peiser: Cosmic Catastrophes and the Ballgame of the Sky
Gods in Mesoamerican Mythology

Heribert Illig: Cosmic Catastrophes and the Origin of Megalithic

D S Allan and J B Delair: Scientific Evidence For A Major World
Catastrophe About 11,500 Years Ago

Graham Hancock: Fingerprints of the Gods - do ancient relicts point to
an advanced civilisation 15,000 years ago?