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On Fri, 23 Aug 1996, Mark K. Bilbo wrote:

other discussion re Christoforo Columbo bobbitted>
> It's also fairly clear from the diary excerpts I've seen (anybody know of
> any available English translations of the diaries and Prophecies anyway?),
> that Columbus didn't think he was in India and the whole naming of the area
> as "the Indies" was a dodge to protect what he knew (or had strong reason
> to believe) was previously unknown territory, the "discovery" of which he
> thought was going to make him rich.
> I think he didn't want competitors snooping around too soon.
> In _Prophecies_ where he goes right off the deep end and has conversations
> with "anglic beings" that laud him as being up there with King David and
> other Biblical personalities, he is quite clear he believed that "god"
> allowed him to discover new territories. Not a new route to "the Indies."

Does this mean if we agree to be called "American Angels" we can possess
eagle feathers without a government license?

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