Re: Resistance and Conquest in the Americas(was Amerind etc.)

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24 Aug 1996 02:41:12 GMT

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: they were the first ones on this side of the world, they came from
: asia so should they be considered immigrants from asia? again the
: question of when does one become a native? my family are all irish but
: the original inhabitants of that land are all gone, are we now the
: natives of that island?

Yes, because the original inhabitants of Ireland are not gone but
have merely been absorbed into succeeding waves of peoples in Ireland,
much as succeeding waves of peoples swept across the Americas thousands
of years ago and absorbed or conquered cultures that had gone before
them. Only the tremendous political cachet nowadays attached to the word
"native" prevents us from realizing that there are European natives as
well, particularly the Celts and Scandinavians; a fact which frustrates
many attempts to construct a simplistic oppressor/oppressed paradigm, but
which is true nonetheless.

mise le meas,

Neil A. McEwan