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>>On Tue, 13 Aug 1996, Matt Silberstein wrote:
>>> I truely do not understand how my "spiritual ancestors" are the White
>>> Americans Who Destroyed The Indians when not one person in my family
>>> stepped foot on this hemisphere until 1903. And they left the
>>> countries they came from because the people there were killing my
>>> physical ancestors' families. Could you explain why I should take on
>>> that particular burden of guilt?

>Matt, if I interpret your ethnicity correctly from your surnname, I
>understand that you have your own distinct subset of ethnic culture,
>which I honor and would rather affirm than deny.

I hope what I say is true, regardless of my ethicity. But I thank you
for you comment.

>However, please consider whether and how much you participate in the
>common culture of America as a whole. To whatever extent that you do,
>you are the heir and beneficiary of the culture which founded this
>nation on the blood and bones of my ancestors' friends and family, and
>Steve's, and that of those other Native Americans who are still here.
>It is in that fashion that you owe.

I do not deny, in any way, the debt the American culture and the
American government owes to Native Americans. We really have very
little disagreement. However, I am trying to make a subtle but
important point. We should dole out (now there is a phrase I like:
Dole Out!) guilt based on race or skin color or culture. Because races
and pigments and cultures do not act, people do.

[good stuff snipped]

>Everyone who values American citizenship
>owes a debt [inappropriate snip to make a point]

I agree with you comment above, with out the rest of your sentence. As
bad as the American government has been in so many ways, this system,
this constitution offers a great hope to people everywhere. But I do
wish it were not such a struggle to make that hope real.

Matt Silberstein


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