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23 Aug 1996 19:52:16 GMT

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|> >> These arguments, while simplistic, do not take into account notions
|> > such as kin selection. For instance, if a particular allele of a gene leads
|> > one individual carrying it to sacrifice herself in order to save several
|> > of her siblings or close relatives
|> > for.
|> > I fail to see why a similar argument cannot be made in the case of
|> > homosexuality in humans.

|> I believe this argument has been made, by Edward Wilson. It seems a
|> bit far-fetched to me. You would have to postulate a large role of
|> homosexuals in promoting the reproduction of siblings. I don't see it.

It may not be apparent in modern society, but wilson was suggesting
that it may have been more important during our prehistoric past, when
homosexuals could have had a higher probability of functioning as some
kind of shaman/priest/holy man within a small band or tribal society,
translating their status into a differential advantage for their near
relations. The proposal has some merit.

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