Maya Glyph Workshop

Elin Danien (
23 Aug 1996 12:53:30 GMT


The 1996 Workshop on Maya Hieroglyphic Writing


September 6-8, 1996

Share in the excitement of decipherment! Join us for an
entertaining learning experience led by two Maya experts,
Kathryn Josserand and Nick Hopkins. Spend a weekend on
an unforgettable voyage of discovery through the world of
the ancient Maya, America's greatest Pre-Columbian

You too can learn to read Maya hieroglyphic inscriptions!
The workshop will include lectures, slide presentations,
hands-on analysis of texts by participants, and an over-
view of the inscriptions of the Classic Maya city of
Yaxchilan, Mexico.

Participants will receive a workbook which presents and
discusses the material to be covered by lectures,
reference material on hieroglyphs and the Maya calendar,
and illustrations of the major inscriptions and texts to
be studied, arranged to facilitate analysis and notes.
Many monuments will be discussed in detail, using color-
coding and other aids to glyph recognition.

Workshop activities begin Friday evening, September 6, with
a slide lecture from 7:30 - 9:30 PM on "Dynasty and Alliance
at Yaxchilan: An Introduction to Maya Glyphs." This lecture
is suitable for the general public and can be attended independently of
the weekend workshop. It will be followed
by an informal reception. As a bonus, use the two-hour
lunch break on Saturday to sit in on Kathryn's presentation
of "Chol Ghost Stories" to the regular monthly meeting of the
Pre-Columbian Society.

Weekend sessions begin at 9 AM and run until 5:30 on Saturday and 5 on
Sunday (with a break for lunch). The first day of the workshop will
concentrate on an introduction to the writing system and the nature and
content of the Classic inscriptions. The second day will examine the
major inscriptions of the site of Yaxchilan. The workshop will offer two
levels of instruction, for beginners and for intermediate/advanced, so
that those who have attended previous workshops will be able to delve
more deeply into the Yaxchilan historical texts.

The workshop will be held at The University of Pennsylvania Museum, 33
and Spruce Streets. A public garage is next door;
the University City Septa train station is across the street. Special
rates are available at the Penn Tower hotel, next to the museum. Call
215-387-8333, identify yourself as taking part in the Glyph Workshop.
For more information, call the Events office, 215-898-3024, or e-mail

Lecture only may be paid at door (Lecture is included in price of workshop)
Make checks payable to The University of Pennsylvania Museum

Weekend Glyph Workshop Fee: $85
Museum and PreColumbian Society Members: $75)
Lecture only
Send check, your name and address,
Events Office, University of Pennsylvania Museum,
33 & Spruce Streets, Philadelphia PA 19104.