Re: how many bastards are there, anyway?

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20 Aug 1996 21:22:29 GMT

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>>So the man who gives the woman the most pleasure (or allows her to feel
>>relaxed enough to give herself pleasure) is the one who will reproduce.
>>That's interesting. It means that, it's not just the handsome men who
>>are selected for; it's also the ones with the most sexual skill.
>>This means that, as time goes by, men are going to be more and more
>>sexually skilled. (Assuming that there is a genetic component to sexual
>Since more attractive men begin sexual activity earlier in life than
>other men, it's not surprising that they're more skilled than other men
>at any given age--they're more experienced.
>However, better looking guys (that is, at least in part, men with high
>developmental stability) do not induce more orgasms during foreplay,
>etc. They only boast a higher mate orgasm rate during copulation!

The research suggests that higher conception rates occur when the woman
climaxes *after* the man does -- before doesn't do anything. So sexually
successful (in the reproductive fitness sense) are the ones who, as it
were, don't fall asleep immediately afterward.


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