Re: Intelligence on the X chromosome

Mike Czaplinski (
Thu, 22 Aug 1996 14:36:01 GMT

catherine yronwode <> wrote:
> For instance:
> My mother is Jewish, my father Sicilian Catholic. Legally i am "fully
> Jewish" (by Jewish law, not civil law). My co-parent is Jewish on both
> sides of his family ("fully Jewish" by Jewish law). Our daughter is
> "fully Jewish" by law, even though she is 1/4 Sicilian by genetic rules.
> In short, Judiasm does not recognize "half-Jewish" as a classification.
> One is either the offspring of a Jewish mother -- in which case one is
> "fully Jewish" or one is the offspring of a "non-Jewish" mother -- in
> which case one is "non-Jewish."
> As an example of this working in the other way, take my step-sister's
> case versus the case of my half-sister:
> My step-sister's mother is German Protestant on both sides of the family
> ("non-Jewish"). Her father is born of the marriage of male Jew and a
> female Protestant. By genetics, her father is 1/2 Jewish, just like me,
> but by Jewish law he is "NON-Jewish." My step-sister is 1/4 Jewish
> genetically, but because her mother is "non-jewish" and her father is
> "non-Jewish," she is "non-Jewish" by Jewish law. She married a Jew who
> is Jewish on both sides of his family ("fully jewish" boith genetically
> and by jewish law) and they had two sons. Her sons are "NON-Jewish" by
> Jewish law, even though they are 5/8 Jewish genetically -- because she,
> their mother, is "non-Jewish" because HER MOTHER was not Jewish.
> My half-sister, on the other hand, IS Jewish by Jewish law. Her father
> -- the same genetically 1/2 Jewish man who is "non-Jewish" by Jewish
> law (see above) -- married my mother, who both "fully Jewish" by Jewish
> law (all her maternal ancestors being Jewish) and genetically Jeiwsh on
> both sides of her family at least as far back as the early 1700s. My
> step sister is thus "fully Jewish" by Jewish law but only 3/4 Jewish by
> genetic rules. She has married a man who is English Protestant on both
> sides of his family ("non-Jewish" by Jewish law). Any children they have
> will be "fully Jewish" by Jewish law although only 3/8 Jewish by genetic
> rules.

Why did I read this and suddenly hear the Firesign Theatre line:

"Did you remember to carry da bum?"

>From (I think) "Don't Crush That Dwarf! Hand Me The Pliers!"

Mike "Half Irish/Half Polish, ALL CATHOLIC" Czaplinski