Re: Michael Coe's Book on Mayan Decipherment

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21 Aug 1996 19:09:14 GMT

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Brunner) wrote:

[most of my original posting deleted here...]
> : What I would like to know is the following: Is Coe's criticism of Thompson
> : justified? I would be interested in references to reviews of Coe's book,
> : or any other insight on the matter.
> Oki John,
> I'll be happy to oblige, I believe I've a copy of Daniels and Bright, and
> two of Coe's 1992 work. Rather than simply rely upon sci.anth, which seems
> to have an unending fixation with biological determinism and derailing all
> forms of post-modernism, you could ask Jeff Baker (here and sci.arch), and
> the mayanist lists. Jeff should have pointers to these and I've some I can
> share.
> Of course, we could discuss both works here, and do some real anthro work
> for a change. I still owe you the Stockton reference, and will send it RSN.
> --
> Kitakitamatsinohpowaw,
> Eric Brunner

Thanks for the suggestions. I don't have addresses for any mayanist
groups; otherwise I would have posted there. I did post a modified version
of my posting to this group on the LINGUIST list, and received a few


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