Re: Intelligence on the X chromosome

catherine yronwode (
Tue, 20 Aug 1996 10:25:59 -0800

John Varela wrote:
> In <4v90rd$>, (Bryant) writes:
> >In article <4v8klv$>, John Varela <> wrote:
> >>I don't think it's bimodal. Rather, men have a larger standard deviation of
> >>intelligence. I recall this being taught in introductory psychology 40 years
> >>ago.
> >
> >Fair enough. I read "split-pattern distribution" more literally than was
> >intended by the author, apparently. Thanks. Congratulations on your
> >excellent long term memory, by the way! :)
> Well, the professor made the memorable point that most geniuses are men (as any
> man will be quick to point out) and so are most village idiots (as any woman
> will be quick to point out).

Thanks for the correction -- i am the culprit who introduced the
confusion through being sloppy when i wrote that. No excuse.

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