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Tue, 20 Aug 1996 00:22:30 -0700

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> The Milikan oil-drop experiment measured the *charge* of the electron,
> not the *mass*.
> Otherwise, your point is well taken. Data-fudging -- even unconscious
> data-fudging -- in not uncommon. However, the career of any scientist
> whio is caught intentionally fudging data is over.

Energy, mass; what's the difference?

But the punch line is that people *knew* he fudged his data; just that
he was the biggest scientist on the block, so people tended to fall in
line behind him rather than kick him out of the "approved scientists"

(But no-one could bring it to say publically that Milikan fudged
the data.)

It's just one of the more interesting examples of how presumptions
in science recks the experimental results.

- Bill

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