Re: how many bastards are there, anyway?

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19 Aug 1996 18:48:34 GMT

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>>Nevertheless, although the man's
>>sperm may battle it out, it may ultimately be the woman's internal
>>manipulation of sperm via orgasm during intercourse and subsequent
>>masturbation that most influences whose baby she will have.
>Please forgive the naive question, but what exactly is the
>manipulation of sperm via orgasm and how does it affect conception?
>Is this a relatively new discovery or am I just out of it?

It's a pretty new discovery. As far as I recall (I'm on campus and the
book is at my house), during the female orgasm, the mouth of the cervix
dips down. If a man has recently ejaculated into the woman, then it dips
into the pool of sperm left there and through the biological mechanism
charmingly named "up-suck," allows sperm to enter, thus increasing the
chances of conception. If the woman climaxes *before* the man, however,
and does not climax again, then the cervix doesn't dip, up-suck doesn't
happen, and conception is not quite as likely (although it is always
possible). Apparently the timing of female masturbation to orgasm is
theorized to help her choose which male's sperm is to conceive, although
the book I read didn't go into any detail or mention if any study had
been done beyond theorizing.


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