Re: Amerindian resistance mode (was: amerindian an offensive

Mark K. Bilbo (
Mon, 19 Aug 1996 12:19:41 -0600

In article <4uavpa$>, (Gerold Firl) wrote:

>Whether indians want it or not, and whether they ackowledge it or not,
>traditional indian values are influencing western cultures in a way
>which will help to make the transition to sustainible development. Many
>indians are uncomfortable with the idea of whites adopting their

With my psychotic servers, I just now saw this. My immediate response,
though, was you *have to be kidding.

The trendy "adoption" of "Indian values" is merely the projection of some
Euro-American pastoral ideal that can be traced back to Rousseau that is
being *imposed on Indian cultures for validation (the odd reasoning
appearing to be that only what can be linked to "antiquity" has value).

Indians oppose what's going on in their names because what's going on is a
deception. What my mixed blood mother raised me to call a "lie." A very
Politically Incorrect term these days it seems.

Traditional native values don't even *translate into a consumerist culture.
The idea that they are "influencing" US culture is amusing. US culture
isn't even culturally equipped to *understand traditional native values.