Re: Patriarchy: Re: What Matriarchy?

Eric Brunner (
19 Aug 1996 16:27:16 GMT

Bryant ( wrote:

: He calls the vast majority of Americans "squatters" because their
: ancestors recently took land from native Americans. My point was that
: this was hardly unique in the human experience, even amongst native
: Americans, who displaced and killed one another a few times, too.
: It wasn't meant as a grand defense of the American Republic, just to poke
: a little fun at an inconsistent application of a spiteful label.

I'm still waiting on your best effort at stating the actual problem you
wish to obtain a <insert framework of reference of your preference here>
consistent discussion of.

I take it you will be making the point that all land title claims were
quited somehow or another, the laws of the US and its anticedents not
withstanding to the contrary?

Eric Brunner