Re: how many bastards are there, anyway?

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18 Aug 1996 11:08:21 -0600

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Matt Beckwith <> wrote:
>So the man who gives the woman the most pleasure (or allows her to feel
>relaxed enough to give herself pleasure) is the one who will reproduce.
>That's interesting. It means that, it's not just the handsome men who
>are selected for; it's also the ones with the most sexual skill.
>This means that, as time goes by, men are going to be more and more
>sexually skilled. (Assuming that there is a genetic component to sexual

Since more attractive men begin sexual activity earlier in life than
other men, it's not surprising that they're more skilled than other men
at any given age--they're more experienced.

However, better looking guys (that is, at least in part, men with high
developmental stability) do not induce more orgasms during foreplay,
etc. They only boast a higher mate orgasm rate during copulation!