Re: Patriarchy: Re: What Matriarchy?

Marty G. Price (mprice@Ra.MsState.Edu)
Sat, 17 Aug 1996 12:29:00 -0500

On 17 Aug 1996, Silveroak wrote:

[all but conclusion snipped]
> So how do you demonstrate to all points of view that your model works
> better? Obviously the bibliologists aren't going to accept scientific
> standards of evidence...
> :

I played with one in answer to some biblical SPAM (my thesis, "scientists
follow their own standard of truth better than biblical literalists follow
theirs"), but, of course, that's not a *real* answer.

To the best of my (limited) knowledge, there is *no external basis* on
which one can determine the "Truth" of the various routes to knowledge.

Blessed Be,

(who is an intuitionist; but who will not hesitate to say, "When my
intuition and your intuition disagree, or even when they don't, there is a
pretty good chance both of us don't know our intuitions from fresh
steaming bull manure."