Re: Homophobia-- human universal?

Bryant (
16 Aug 1996 11:00:23 -0600

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[Bryant asked for refs on homophobia in other cultures]

[Bryant feels compelled to assert his heterosexuality, but hesitates
because he recently mentioned a study showing that homophobes are
often closet homosexuals :)]

>There are a variety of studies of homosexuality in other cultures. Most
>of these are focussed on showing how they view it positively, or at least
>neutrally, in order to demonstrate that the overall American attitude is
>not necessarily universal. But there are some which talk about negative

I had assumed that part of the reason I couldn't find much mention of
homosexuality in the HRAF microfiche was that ethnographers' informants
weren't mentioning it because of negative cultural views. Maybe?

>Try Serena Nanda's book "Neither Man Nor Woman", about the
>ambivalent reaction of Indian society to homosexuality,

You mean east Indian (India) Indians? Or groups in the Americas?

Thanks for the references, Susan. 'Appreciated.