Re: Patriarchy: Re: What Matriarchy?

Stephen Barnard (
Sat, 17 Aug 1996 02:29:45 -0800

Eric Brunner wrote:
> Stephen Barnard ( wrote:
> ...
> : Eric says he's an expert on ergodic systems, so maybe he can elaborate.
> I wrote that this was my area of specialization. I do know experts in the
> field, where expertise is defined as authorship of peer-reviewed papers
> appearing in the AMS and equivalent journals.
> Just a nomenclative caveat, "theory" is preferred over "systems".
> : I hope this isn't too confusing. Gleick's book is very good. I
> : recommend it highly.
> No comment, I don't have an interest in current popularizations, they are
> so ... bothersome. Did Gleick cover K-autormorphisms and Bernouli shifts?
> How about Szameridi's theorem? Ratner's work on horocycle flows? Which of
> the last 20 or so years worth of papers does s/he cite in his biblio/cites?

That's too bad, because the book tells an interesting story about how science really
works, in human terms. You can always skip over the baby math. Acrually, I wasn't
recommending to you. I just thought you could enlighten us about Joel's use of
chaos theory.

Steve Barnard

BTW, I see that you post from Thinking Machines Corp. I'm very familiar with that
company. I used to be a customer of their's (via DARPA) in the early days. They
had a reputation for technical brilliance, but extreme arrogance. A year or so ago
they went bankrupt because they let costs get out of control and they let the
competition catch up and surpass them. I understand that they're now trying to make
a comeback as an ISV, having given up on hardware. I'd ask you to give my regards
to Guy and Danny, but I guess they're at Sun Microsystems now. All the people I
knew left.

Steve Barnard