Re: Patriarchy: Re: What Matriarchy?

Eric Brunner (
16 Aug 1996 21:09:11 GMT

Stephen Barnard ( wrote:
: Eric says he's an expert on ergodic systems, so maybe he can elaborate.

I wrote that this was my area of specialization. I do know experts in the
field, where expertise is defined as authorship of peer-reviewed papers
appearing in the AMS and equivalent journals.

Just a nomenclative caveat, "theory" is preferred over "systems".

: I hope this isn't too confusing. Gleick's book is very good. I
: recommend it highly.

No comment, I don't have an interest in current popularizations, they are
so ... bothersome. Did Gleick cover K-autormorphisms and Bernouli shifts?
How about Szameridi's theorem? Ratner's work on horocycle flows? Which of
the last 20 or so years worth of papers does s/he cite in his biblio/cites?

: Steve Barnard

Eric Brunner