Re: grad. school search

Sam Ceballos (
Fri, 16 Aug 1996 11:07:11 GMT Walters ) wrote:

>Can anybody help? I am currently seeking a Ph.D. program in cultural
>anthropology and would be extremely appreciative of program
>recommendations. I am willing to relocate anywhere within the
>continental U.S, and would prefer a larger department- but remain open.

I am also looking for a good Ph.D. program in cultural antrho with
strong backgrounds in religion and/or Latin America, preferably both.
I have been told by counselors and teachers that I would need to
narrow it down even further if I want to get the ideal school for
myself in order to see if that particular part of the dept. is as good
as the rest. Some of the top ones that I think are popping up all
the time for myself are Univ. of Chicago, Northwestern Univ., Harvard,
and ones that I am less sure about are New York Univ. and Berkeley
(but I heard a rumor that they just let many of their profs go so they
are probably going to be getting a lot of new people in slowly. but
in the meantime they probably would not have a great dept.) I'm still
checking this out though. If anyone else has any other suggestions
please e-mail me at