Re: the Salaciousness of Anthropology

Nick Maclaren (
16 Aug 1996 21:00:03 GMT

In article <>,
Joel and Lynn Gazis-Sax <> wrote:
>Mmmmmm! Truly juicy, Danny! Sometime, you should check out
>my page devoted to CEMETERY NUDITY!
>Danny wrote:
>> I've wondered why the anthropology archives I maintain (for these
>> newsgroups and the anthro-l list) are so popular. I've just changed to a
>> Web server that allows me to log the referring pages, and the mystery is
>> solved -- just look at these examples of how people find pages in the
>> archives! ...
>> (There are also lots of people searching for things like flink knapping,
>> cultural relativism, infibulation, and other such terms, of course.)

I would appreciate a description of flink knapping, but the recent
attempts at censorship in the UK mean that it is probably unwise for
me to receive such a description by Email :-)

But, more seriously, there is a "Western" tradition of believing that
"primitive" peoples were all into baring their breasts and public sex.
While there is some truth in that (as I can personally witness!), I
feel that a good punishment for excessive salaciousness would be to
be forced to read a certain number of anthropological papers on the

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