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> >>In brief, Diamond's claims are that "between 5 and 30 percent of
> >>American and British babies [have been] adulterously conceived",
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> >This was discussed on a recent episode of the ABC Science Show, but
> >as so often happens, I'm afraid I paid less attention to the program
> >than it rightly deserves. Anyway, I think the ballpark figure they used
> >was that around 10% of children do not belong genetically to the man
> >they believe to be their father.
> I just picked up Timothy Taylor's _The Prehistory of Sex: Four Million
> Years of Human Sexual Culture_ (Bantam: 1996). Here's his summarization of
> the subject:
> (pp 77-79)
> "...In tests of genetic paternity recently conducted by Robin Baker and
> Mark Bellis [1], they found that around 10 percent of children had been
> sired by someone other than their ostensible fathers -- although the
> fathers consciously believed these children to be their own.

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Thanks for some numbers with recent work behind them. A previous post in
this thread had me believing in an "urban legend" status for this far too
quickly. I'll look for the B&B book.

Does anyone know of any professional evaluations of this work on the net?

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