Re: Evolution of Sexism

Robert Snower (
Thu, 15 Aug 1996 14:51:50 GMT (Len Piotrowski) wrote:

>In article <4utck6$> (Gerold Firl) writes:

>>In times of violence, men step up and women fade into the background.
>>In times of peace, women become more prominent. It might be interesting
>>to look for cycles of patriarchy and egalitarianism related to
>>conditions of turmoil/violence/resource scarcity and stability/peace/

>As a general statement, this is likely true in many situations. However,
>social-structures aren't so easily changed as stepping up to the plate and
>swinging the bat. In fact, as I tried to suggest above, many
>social-structural arrangements impede change, whether rapid or long term, even
>those, like patrilineality, which might intuitively seem at first glance to be
>the best fit to a particular situation.


The Yanomamo are one kind of patriarchy. But it doesn't have to go
that way. The classical Greek period was another patriarchy, evolving
from matriarchy. The beginnings of Western culture!

Best wishes. R. Snower