Re: Patriarchy: Re: What Matriarchy?

Eric Brunner (
15 Aug 1996 12:34:36 GMT

Bryant ( wrote:
: In article <4ut553$>, Bryant <> wrote:
: >In article <4uqedm$>,
: >Eric Brunner <> wrote:
: >>[says of Bryant:]
: >>And the most recent author of moral relativity to settle Indian Land Claims.
: >>Always a familiar foray, rarely well done.

: How is poking fun at your apparently racist, inconsistent application of
: the term "squatter" morally relativistic? Jeesh.

You've had a couple of days to expand on this thesis, two lines is rather

: >>Oh. So he's also the current Chaos Theoritician. I see. Maybe he can explain
: >>fractional dimensional Hausdorf space topology to me then, I can always use
: >>an education.

: No, he's (I've) never mentioned Chaos Theory.
: My impression is that Joel's the Chaos buff, and that you've attributed
: his quotes to me. There's been a lot of that, lately.

Fine. Clarity is sometimes lost in tangled threads, now please undertake
to make your case, see previous posts for suggestions on frameworks you
may care to employ.

: Yep, Joel's misattributions, exaggerations, imagined discoveries of my
: "inconsistencies" and his outright lies are a splendid example of the
: clear, concise thinking you seem to admire, Eric. :(

He makes mistakes, however on the balance, he's done more for this news
group than against it.

: I think that if he were not aiming this silliness at me, you'd probably
: be a little less impressed with his logical prowess. Give it a rest.

I am concerned that he wrote that you'd posed as a member of faculty of
UNM. Please clarify, I've requested this from you previously via mail.

Eric Brunner