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Thu, 15 Aug 1996 03:36:01 GMT

: Godel's famous Incompleteness Theorem proves that any formal deductive
: system of sufficient power (at least the power of Peano arithmetic,
: which isn't that powerful) will be incomplete. That is, it will be

Incomplete or inconsistent.

: because physical science is based on inductive reasoning. People look

Induction is irrelevant. If space-time is quantised, and various other
conditions, then any statement about the universe can be mapped into a
statement about number theory. How you come up such a statement,
deduction, induction, intuition, WoG (word of god), is irrelevant.

(Theories in math also sometimes start out from induction or intuition.)

So does the universe, or more relevantly humans (or at least their brains),
map into number theory?

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