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14 Aug 1996 12:18:10 -0600

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>>[says of Bryant:]
>>And the most recent author of moral relativity to settle Indian Land Claims.
>>Always a familiar foray, rarely well done.

How is poking fun at your apparently racist, inconsistent application of
the term "squatter" morally relativistic? Jeesh.

>>Oh. So he's also the current Chaos Theoritician. I see. Maybe he can explain
>>fractional dimensional Hausdorf space topology to me then, I can always use
>>an education.

No, he's (I've) never mentioned Chaos Theory.
My impression is that Joel's the Chaos buff, and that you've attributed
his quotes to me. There's been a lot of that, lately.

>>Nice summary Joel, as a poster s/he leaves a bit to be desired.


Yep, Joel's misattributions, exaggerations, imagined discoveries of my
"inconsistencies" and his outright lies are a splendid example of the
clear, concise thinking you seem to admire, Eric. :(

I think that if he were not aiming this silliness at me, you'd probably
be a little less impressed with his logical prowess. Give it a rest.


>>Eric Brunner