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Tue, 13 Aug 1996 12:56:22 -0400

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>I'd like you to read carefully the excerpt from Ms Cockcroft's post.
I'll quote
>it again: "Blacks, women, and the disabled (probably all politically incorrect
>terms) have all fought for control and escape from anglo male culture." I'll
>draw your attention to the phrase in parentheses.
>Now just who is invoking the term "politically incorrect" here? Ms
Cockcroft is
>saying that "women" is probably a politically incorrect term. This seems to me
>like an astonishing thing to say.

>What words did I put in her mouth? I quoted her verbatim.

I'd like to clarify things.

I happen to have an x chromesome and a y chromesome and have been
socialised to play the male gender. Thanks.

I thnk evryone knows of some trends to rename and one of them is to use
the term womyn as opposed to women. Again this is a symbolic means of
creating an identity seperate from men. It is a form of empowerment.


I'd also like to ask what made you think that I was female?

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