Re: Patriarchy: Re: What Matriarchy?

Bryant (
13 Aug 1996 20:44:39 -0600

In article <>, Joel and Lynn Gazis-Sax wrote
[of Bryant the Terrible:]

>What I have found with him is a relentless eagerness to accuse others
>of some of the same tricks he pulls. (Remember how just a few days
>ago his "champion of calm dialogue" posted an article with the
>inflammatory title "Joel Gazis-Sax makes an ass of himself".

Yes, I lost my temper and called you an ass. It is my opinion that you
*are* an ass. Just as it is your opinion, as you stated in the post I
reponded to, that I am an "idiot."

>At one time, he sicked his girlfriend on some of us, accusing certain
critics of just being mean to her beau.

Ah, so Joel's a sexist. (And a fibber. Joel becomes "us" with time,
I've noticed. Critique him and soon you've "assaulted" numerous unknowns.)

Joel, do you really believe that women are incapable of coming to their
own conclusions after reading a thread?

Must men *really* tell them how to react?

>Yes, I admit I have some negative feelings about Bryant, particularly
>since this undergraduate feels himself my superior in every way possible.

I never said anything of the sort. You have honesty issues to deal with.