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Matt Silberstein (
Tue, 13 Aug 1996 03:13:12 GMT (Paula Sanch) wrote:

>The thing that most whites refuse to see is that your ancestors (your
>spiritual ancestors, if your family immigrated more recently, but you
>are a part of the dominant white American culture) have "sown the
>wind," and you (or maybe your descendants, if you're as incredibly
>fortunate as your ancestors) will "reap the whirlwind." Whatever
>worth anyone may assign or deny to the Christian Bible as a religious
>document, it contains tremendous wisdom about sowing and reaping, and
>about how your descendants pay, in due season, for what you do, in the
>event that you do not, personally, "reap what you sow."

I truely do not understand how my "spiritual ancestors" are the White
Americans Who Destroyed The Indians when not one person in my family
stepped foot on this hemisphere until 1903. And they left the
countries they came from because the people there were killing my
physical ancestors' families. Could you explain why I should take on
that particular burden of guilt?

I would sooner believe a yankee professor would lie
than stones would fall from the heavens.

Thomas Jefferson