Re: Amerind an offensive term (was: Early Amerind assimilation

Eric Brunner (
13 Aug 1996 02:35:51 GMT

Bryant ( wrote:
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: Eric Brunner <> replied (indirectly):

: >Ok. In what frame of reference or discoursive language are you posing your
: >query, and more precisely, what is your query, and what answer do you have
: >yourself, if any, to your query?

: It looks to me as though your assumption was valid, Stephen. :)

I don't mind if you decline to actually posit something less poorly posed
than your original, I thought it a detour into moral relativity from the
get go. We see this kind of thing often in discussion in and around Indian
issues, sloppy thinking, even within its own framework, and hardly the best
of European Thought (Pre-Enlightenment).

You can of course undertake to meet your own challenge in the best of your
own terms, after all, you could be the first moral relativist to actually
write something enduring.

Eric Brunner