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Eric Brunner (
12 Aug 1996 11:31:09 GMT

Bryant ( wrote:
: In article <4ulav7$>,
: I never posed my question in legal terms, Eric. Stephen's conclusion is
: clearly the closest anybody will come to answering my question.

Ok. In what frame of reference or discoursive language are you posing your
query, and more precisely, what is your query, and what answer do you have
yourself, if any, to your query?

Perhaps in some other thread you can offer a general statement on the thesis
that a legal framework employing the discoursive language of law, Pre-Contact
Period Papal to the Ultra-Moderne Hague, with a full and fragerent tour past
the legal histories of Spain, Mexico, France, the UK, and the US, or a subset
of this richness, is simply incapable of providing an earlier, better answer
to your query than your as yet undefined framework.

: >please don't explain how Indians can be racist -- I don't have my seat
: >on the NYSE yet.

: Neither do most Klan members, Eric.

Umm, no. There is no connection between large-scale corporate institutions
and Apartheid, or other institutionalised forms of racism, and low-level
terrorist organizations or police power. Right. And De Clerk is still PM of
RSA, and Mandella is PM of RSA-penal. Start another thread if you want to
play with this para, personally I prefer closure on the prior one.

: Bryant

Eric Brunner