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William Edward Woody (
Mon, 12 Aug 1996 03:53:29 -0700

In article <4um4h9$>, (Bryant) wrote:
> > I'm not a psychotherapist. What I am is *not the idiot who would embrace
> > cold-fussion because it's "science".* I am a skeptic who is challenging
> > your world view because it is naive; it is not hard-nosed. It is soft and
> > gullible.
> read ~"Science is naive...soft and gullible." In fact, he was just
> calling one scientist naive, soft, and gullible. (On the basis of my
> supposed support for the notion of cold fusion, which was a baseless
> charge on Gale's part; I've never mentioned the subject.)

Actually, from here, I read that Gale was calling other random scientists
naive, soft and gullible. I didn't think the above comment was directed
to anyone present here.

Of course with my failing memory, you never know: I could be quite
wrong... :-(

> >(And no vague statements: selected quotes from his prior posts will do.)
> Nothing in my previous posts warrants this insulting postscript, Bill.

I'm sorry. Just that my frustration level is going up; I don't know if
my points are being made or not. And I feel like some of my posts are
being selectively quoted from in ways which draw me into pointless
battles. Not that I'm acusing you of doing this.

Just that I think we'all here pretty much universally disagree on a few
things. And it's hard to remove ourselves emotionally from the discussion.

- Bill

Who tries not to speak for Gale or anyone other than me. And I don't
even think I speak for me half of the time...

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