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11 Aug 1996 20:45:00 -0600

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Eric Brunner <> wrote:
>Stephen Barnard ( wrote:
>: Bryant is simply trying to determine what you mean by "squatters",
>: and whether you willing to use the term in a consistent, non-racist
>: way. From the way you're wiggling around the question, like a
>: politician asked about abortion or taxes, I have to assume that the
>: answer is "no".
>Assume what you like, does he ask a legal question, or a non-legal one?

I never posed my question in legal terms, Eric. Stephen's conclusion is
clearly the closest anybody will come to answering my question.

>please don't explain how Indians can be racist -- I don't have my seat
>on the NYSE yet.

Neither do most Klan members, Eric.