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Stephen Barnard (
Sun, 11 Aug 1996 09:17:51 -0800

William Edward Woody wrote:
> As I have noted before, this would be a lot more fun if you could be
> just a little bit more consistant in the stuff you write. I'm still
> not sure if you believe Aristotle was contemptuous of experimentation,
> or if you believe that saying "Aristotle was contemptuous" is
> an arrogant thing for those of us who are not 2,000 years old to say.

As I've already pointed out, I said he was EITHER ignorant of the
experimental method OR contemptuous of it, but in any case he didn't use
it. Someone else (not me, maybe you) said he didn't know about because
it hadn't been invented yet, which, if true, constitutes ignorance.
Being called ignorant of something isn't necessarily an insult. I'm
ignorant of many, many things, and particularly of time travel and
antigravity, which haven't been invented yet.

> And it would be especially nice if you wouldn't be so damned dismissive
> of those points of view that you don't agree with. I mean, thinking
> anyone who disagrees with you is either a 'deconstructionist', a
> solipsist, or ignorant--how the hell did a 49 year old get so close-
> minded to the things other people post?

I never used the word solipsist, although I've been tempted. *You*
appear to *me* to be "damned dismissive" of other points of view.
In particular, your use of "BZZZZZZZT! Wrong answer!" is condescending
and insulting. I'm also not very impressed with your tendency to imply
(sarcastically) that someone must be having a problem with their ISP,
which now you're directed at me as well as at Bryant.

> - Bill
> Who is wondering if the problem is your ISP--if you really *are* a
> 49 year old PhD in CompSci, then some of the inconsistant and
> dense things you have written would be explained by an ISP which
> drops messages of longer than 50 lines. Of course we seem
> inconsistant and dismissive--the more thought provoking posts
> are not getting through.

No doubt these more thought provoking posts are from you.

My ISP doesn't drop lines. I read and reply to most of these posts at
home, under my own domain name, using an ISDN connection. My ISP is
very expensive and specializes in ISDN. Sometimes I read them at work
(NASA), which has probably the best Internet service in the world.

Steve Barnard

Look, Marty G. Price is the one who is "simply not mindful" of what I'm
saying, because I *never* said anything about smallpox. Really. Does
refusing to ignore (or even to submit to an argument derived from) a
misattribution constitute "misrepresenting the positions of others"?

I just can't figure out the logic behind this. Would you and Marty feel
better if I said, "Yup, I guess you got me on that stupid smallpox
statement I made." (No offense intended, Bryant.)

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