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William Edward Woody (
Sat, 10 Aug 1996 22:22:50 -0700

In article <>, wrote:
> > Probably some frosh with a couple of classes, an e-mail account, and
> > too much time on his hands.
> Nice deduction. 49 years old. PhD in Computer Science. Using Internet
> (or ARPANET) since 1979. Have about a dozen email accounts. Work full
> time.

Well, then, let me phrase it this way:

I humbly suggest that you review the statements I personally have made,
review the posts you have made, and be more mindful of the stuff you
have said in the past before you misunderstand the stuff I say.

As I have noted before, this would be a lot more fun if you could be
just a little bit more consistant in the stuff you write. I'm still
not sure if you believe Aristotle was contemptuous of experimentation,
or if you believe that saying "Aristotle was contemptuous" is
an arrogant thing for those of us who are not 2,000 years old to say.

And it would be especially nice if you wouldn't be so damned dismissive
of those points of view that you don't agree with. I mean, thinking
anyone who disagrees with you is either a 'deconstructionist', a
solipsist, or ignorant--how the hell did a 49 year old get so close-
minded to the things other people post?

- Bill

Who is wondering if the problem is your ISP--if you really *are* a
49 year old PhD in CompSci, then some of the inconsistant and
dense things you have written would be explained by an ISP which
drops messages of longer than 50 lines. Of course we seem
inconsistant and dismissive--the more thought provoking posts
are not getting through.

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