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>>a bunch of pseudo-scientific bullshit
>And why do you believe it is pseudo-science? Could it be because the theory
>is not politically correct?

Well G

My primary reason for shooting it down isn't for its political reasons
though, I find it interesting that you would bring this up. My reasons
for claiming that it is pseudo-scientific is precisely because it is poor
science wrapped in the cloak of scientific truth, the worst kind of all.
Yuo use some sort of terminology that I'm not aware of to describe
craniometric analysis I'd like to see that data. Also, in your analysis
of "blondism" (whatever the hell that is) fails to take into account the
fact that the Egyptian civilisation was well established long before
Alexander and his people arrived and replace Egyptian aristocracy.
Furthermore, your attempts to associate "blondism" to Aryan movements is
an obvious attempt to isolate a population by a single trait. Blond hair
(commonly found among 'white' clades) is used as a cultural indicator, yet
what of the Australian aboriginies, many of whom have blond hair. How do
you fit them into your concept.

And lastly on the political front. You mention political [in]correctness,
in my original post I never mentioned politics whatsoever, yet you mention
it here ... is it I wonder because you know that what you are saying isn't
true yet, for some reason only you know, you want so badly to beleive.
You posted your original message knowing that it would attract many a
flame, that you were flying in the face of conventional wisdom, that what
every other scientist beleives must be wrong and that your point of view
however misinformed and biased others may feel is the correct one.

I couldn't care less about the politics of your post simply your theory is
garbage, despite what your own political preferences may want to think.

>It appears to me, after reviewing the list you compiled, that you have
>entirely to much free time on your hands.

I made up that list so that I wouldn't have to waste my time writing
responses like this one to brain dead dweebs like yourself. Do you grok
what I am sayin?