Re: Patriarchy: Re: What Matriarchy?

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9 Aug 1996 17:25:24 -0600

In article <woody-0908961536520001@>, William Edward Woody
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>In article <4ud42b$>, (Bryant) wrote:
>> This, however, is not evidence forPlato's contention that we really
>> cannot trust a shred of what our senses tell us

>Actually,we *can't*; I mean, how do you know you're not just a brain
>in a glass jar being stimulated by electrodes? We *assume* our sense
>tell us the truth[...] [--Bill]

Yes, fine. But it's clearly an assumption we're all making, else we
wouldn't bother pounding away at the keys. I asked a long time ago that
the folks so distraught with my assertion that descriptive theories
describe (instead of justify sexism, etc.) articulate their assumptions
and standards of evidence. They've refused to do so.