Science; Truth or Not?

Kethera (
Fri, 09 Aug 1996 15:36:28 -0700

Dear Bryant,

Bryant wrote:
> Creationists, and Gale, resort to picking out the gaffes made by
> scientists to try and discredit science. Since science is not a
> monolithic belief system, but a method for approximating the world
> which is uniquely open to tossing out bad ideas in the face of new evidence,
> Gale and the Creationists will never convince the critically thoughtful of
> their case.

I am not a creationist, and study science because I enjoy it. What I
just wanted to mention is, that, sometimes I agree with the views of
that which are expressed by people like Gale. Not saying she is right
or wrong, mearly that, as science progresses, it recognizes errors,
"discovers" new things, and generally is not a static lump of rock. A
"law" that can NEVER be changed.
It grows and changes and with this, I too question things. In fact,
isn't that what scientists do? Question things? Make hypothesis', do
experiments over and over, and come to (sometimes) a conclusion?
And just because one hypothesis is agreed to be true at the time, it
happens all the time that down the road of study the "truth" of it can
Then again, here's comments from someone who likes Chaos theories. :)