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9 Aug 1996 11:24:47 -0600

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Eric Brunner <> wrote:
>: >> Bryant wrote:
>: Who said I'm an anthropologist?! Can you guys perhaps attack the
>: content of my posts instead of using all these straw-man characterizations?
>Your post had limited content, since you addressed no standing litigation
>issues. Sorry I didn't get around to pointing that out to you a few days
>ago, my system was being user-unfriendly.

Limited or no, and despite it's being rather tongue-in-cheek in nature,
my post did posit a question which can be easily answered: Responding to
the characterization of Euro- and Afro- and Asian-Americans as
"squatters" (presumably on native american lands), I asked if other late
comers (like the Dine who dispossessed pueblo groups of their lands)
should also be considered "squatters."

>: What was "patently aggressive" about my post? The smilies?
>No. The posit that equity of land claims conflicts (US vs Native Nations)
>and intra-Native Nation claims, based upon an absence of actual litigation
>interests. In short, constructive fraud, or aggressive ignorance. Pick one.

There was nothing aggressive or fraudulent in my post. Are you a lawyer?