Re: Amerind an offensive term (was: Early Amerind assimilation

Eric Brunner (
9 Aug 1996 16:10:22 GMT

Stephen Barnard ( wrote:
: Joel and Lynn Gazis-Sax wrote:
: >
: > The point that this so-called
: > anthropologist cannot understand is that the offensiveness of a term
: > is a matter for the recipient to decide. You are allowed one mistake
: > in polite circles, but after you are informed it is offensive, you
: > have no further excuse.
: >

: The problem that arises is when the intersection of the sets of
: permissible terms, gathered over all the interested parties, is the null
: set.

The utility of purpose of the grand unification of nomenclature is exactly
what again please?

: Steve Barnard

Eric Brunner