Re: Emphasis in Anthro?

Mary Beth Williams (
9 Aug 1996 12:44:55 GMT

In <> Shannon Adams <> writes:

>I was just curious whether most people of this newsgroup have a
>*favorite* emphasis in anthropology? My emphasis (formally with my
>degree) is in cultural/social anthropology. Are most people here:
>A. Archaeologists
>B. Linguists
>C. Biological/Physical Anthropologists
>D. Social/Cultural Anthropologists (ethnographers)
>Just want to know where everyone is coming from.

I've yet to meet another ABD/PhD *fizzy* on sci.anthro, but perhaps
there are some lurking out there??? As my primary is bio-archy, I do
find a few more of them, at least, on sci.arch (though Arch-L and
Anthro-L are far more appropriate places for useful professional

As Usenet newsgroups are a forum for professionals and interested
non-professional to discuss their ideas, I would hazard a guess that
the majority of subscribers have, at a maximum, a few courses, or
perhaps a BA in the field. Some, I suspect Mr. Firl for one, have even
less than that.

MB Williams
Dept. of Anthro., UMass-Amherst