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Bryant (
8 Aug 1996 19:13:32 -0600

In article <>, The Outlaw <> wrote:
>Whenever I see one of these 'how hard done by the American Indian was'
>posts I actually think how lucky they are to be in the position to even
>complain. Compare the fate of the Helvetii when they got in Caesar's
>way; eradicated.

True, true. But the Native Americans (or First Peoples, or whatever term
won't offend) have rights set down in treaty, unlike defeated folks
elsewhere. If we really are a nation of laws, then it's not much of a
leap to say we should honor our agreements with these people.

Native Americans have enthusiastically risked their lives to defend the
greater Republic, by the way. This thread has emphasized the warfare
between new and old Americans, but a good number of the elders at Warm
Springs (who used the huckleberry fields near our where I grew up) were
WWII fighter pilot and infantry vets. A good number of Korean and Viet
Nam vets were also Native Americans who volunteered to help our nation
meet its international obligations.