Re: Patriarchy: Re: What Matriarchy?

Marty G. Price (mprice@Ra.MsState.Edu)
Thu, 8 Aug 1996 14:24:46 -0500

On Thu, 8 Aug 1996, Stephen Barnard wrote:

[regarding Bill Woody's post on Aristotle]
> If you read what I wrote, you'll see that I said he was EITHER ignorant
> OR contemptuous of it. You're saying he was ignorant of it because it
> hadn't been uncovered yet. Fine. Or maybe there was some other reason
> he didn't use it. That's fine too. The point is that *he didn't use
> it*, and that caused him to make some really bad mistakes.

No, Aristotle didn't use the experimental method --- he helped *develop*
it. There's a long, not very direct road from Aristotle to Francis Bacon
(with lots of folks who used Aristotle as the basis for a very different
turn), but that doesn't alter the fact that your post is silly.

You're blaming the inventor of the wheel for not building a Mercedes Benz.

Blessed Be,

"The only purpose in learning history is so you can watch your blood
pressure rise as you listen to the chatterings of those who know none."
--- That quote's my own; seemed very fitting here.